Megha (meghainclouds) wrote,

It's time to say goodbye...

...but it's not a time for sadness.

LJ was a wonderful wonderful world. One where I littered my escapades, adventures, joys, and pain; littered it with words I scarcely understood, but which came from unknown spaces within me. It was also a world where I met experiences, experiences and anecdotes from some really unique people. It was a world where conversation and catharsis were not mutally exclusive. It was good. But it's now time to say goodbye..

Its time for a new beginning. I have not been writing for the past 3 years..but I hope the verbal constipation doesnt continue. I plan to now write at....

I hope to see some old faces lurking in my new world...drop in a line..say be nice...:)

Till then...

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